What Is Reputation Management And Why You Need It

Because today’s digital media enables two-way communications, your reputation is no longer what you tell people it is. Your reputation is a combination of what people say about you offline and online, and your own brand narrative.

Reputation management then is the art of managing public discourse about your brand, so that it aligns as closely as possible to your own brand story.

Online reputation management uses SEO, content creation, social media, public relations and so much more to establish positive search reputations for individuals and companies.

Offline, reputation involves experiential, on-ground activities and traditional media. A strategic, integrated approach through all three channels is necessary to produce consistent messaging about your brand.

So, rather than allowing the opinions of any random person to drive the perception of your corporation, reputation management allows you to tell people who and what you are in your own chosen words and through your own curated actions.

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