Your success matters to us.

We understand your PR and communication challenges. We are a business too. 

Taking into account changing demographics, digital channels and data analytics, we have helped companies like yours to achieve business targets. 

It’s time we help you do the same.

"Positive brand sentiment rose to an all-time high"

Transparent, clear messaging

Guided by Engage SEA as their strategic communications partner, a global tire manufacturer mitigated the negative impact of downsizing its operations. 

Taking a proactive approach, the brand controlled the narrative with a clear, transparent messaging. Employee morale went up. Senior leadership were empowered through media training. And positive brand loyalty drove substantial business outcomes.

How are you effectively influencing your stakeholders?

Your success, powered by our strategy.

Integrated reputation and brand communications

Protect your reputation

How do your stakeholders perceive you online – and offline?

Safeguard your brand reputation through effective PR strategies and targeted messaging for long-term brand loyalty.

Grow your business

Does your strategy impact your sales and marketing funnel?

Drive positive business outcomes with data-led communication  and media strategies to expand into new markets.

Influence your audience

Are your campaigns working for you or against you?

Strengthen trust with consumers and partners through in-depth insights into changing demographic and digital channels.

Our team

Backed by senior counsel of experts, we bring global expertise – and local insight – in tailoring your digital-first strategies.

Discover who we are.

Christine Chang,
Managing Director

20+ years in Brand Communications and Strategy, Media and Events

Rajan Moses,
Country Director

35+ years in Crisis Communications, Media, CEO Counsel and PR

Suchithra Krishnan,

14+ years in PR, Corporate Communications, B2B and Sustainability, and Digital and Employee Communications

Syam Thiagarajah,
Senior Project Consultant – Community Relations

25 years in PR & Advertising

Your reputation and brand matter to us.

Art, social inclusion and the Sustainable Development Goals

Engage SEA supports the Malaysian performing arts and creative community via January Low projects. Services include pro bono PR, social media and brand consultancy. 

Arts and culture have an important role to play in creating inclusive and resilient communities. Passionate to drive impact through social investments, we inspire stakeholders to take meaningful action – and accelerate the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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