Winning Trust In The Face of Negativity

Practice Areas: Reputation Management, Crisis Communications

A public figure wanted to participate in a campaign. Against a landscape of negativity towards politicians, the public figure needed a strong brand positioning to combat the public’s scepticism and win their trust.


The Personality engaged us to manage their campaign. With social listening, we were able to scope the public’s image over the Personality and identify areas of improvement around the image. We enhanced the individual’s online presence through his digital assets, to highlight his strengths and brand promise. We then created a three-pronged communications strategy.

For the sector of the public that was unaware of the Personality, we created a targeted, online awareness campaign to introduce the Personality through various channels. For the critics, we put in place a crisis monitoring and response SOP to disassociate the Personality’s values from the prevailing negative sentiments about politicians. For the fence sitters, we engaged brand advocates to promote the Personality’s values and campaign to win over their support.

The result; we managed to transition 25% of fence sitters to supporters and 38% of critics to neutral audiences. The Personality’s share of voice also increased to become the strongest among similar profiles.

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