Leaders, clarity and alignment of your message is what employees crave and need at all times

COVID-19. Financial uncertainties, remote work environments, business disruptions, a tsunami of mixed messages … we could go on and on. The pandemic placed a spotlight on the importance of clear, sustained and intentional communication between senior leaders and frontline employees.

In fact, the Wall Street Journal recently highlighted this very point in the article, “With Business Turned Upside Down, CEOs Face Monumental Leadership Challenge.”

The article looks at how leading CEOs are struggling with significant internal communication challenges during these very trying times. Many CEOs, cut off from their staff for the first time, are ramping up their communication with employees to address the confusion, anxiety and isolation setting in among the rank-and-file. Resignations are very high and mental stress from family, health, income pressures are very real.”

While the crisis certainly elevated the need for sustained internal communication from senior leadership — the fact is — clarity and alignment is something employees crave and need at all times. As a business ourselves – we have experienced that. When our leaders are physically and mentally absent – the team’s motivation to perform and contribute goes missing too.

Distributed and remote working environments have only increased these challenges — elevating the need for even more intentional and sustained leadership communication. Communication that provides employees with the clarity and connectivity they desperately need to remain connected to your business, your customers and your company’s higher purpose.

It is time for all leadership teams to increase the energy and effort being placed on internal communication. It is time to ensure you have a clear, compelling and consistent story to share with employees regarding your go-to-market strategy, your higher purpose and vision, and the story you want employees to share with customers. Leaders who make this commitment will reap significant rewards during these trying times and well into the future.

Learn how we can help you develop mission critical messaging that ensures your employees, partners and customers stay engaged and connected to your business. 

Our work is always to Earn Trust, Build Reputation, Widen Influence to grow your brand and business.

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