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How Smart Entrepreneurs Can Prepare For 2022

How are you preparing for the new year as an entrepreneur?

I sat down with the impressive Christiana Yebra to talk about trends for the new year. She is a marketing and strategy expert based in Dallas, Texas who has spent eight years working for emerging startups in healthcare, social networking, and sports. Christiana has been consistently recognized as a thought leader in millennial business and culture by companies such as Red Bull, Startup Grind, and SXSW. She is currently the CMO of nVenue, a sports betting technology company. She is passionate about many causes and places a special emphasis on empowering young girls to pursue careers in STEM-related fields. Here are her thoughts on what will happen in 2022.

1) What will be interesting business trends in 2022?

2021 felt like an unwelcomed extension of the struggles of 2020. I think we can look at some of the notable trends of 2021 and reflect on their impact well into 2022. We’re on the other side (not out of) a pandemic and businesses, much like consumers, are ready for what’s next. 

The challenges of hiring in the time of COVID remain industry-agnostic. I’m highly invested in emerging companies focused on HR and the hiring and management of continued remote teams. The talent pool is evolving. Employees are asking for more, and I’m not just talking about money. I’ll be looking to companies like Indeed and Gusto for new features, benefits, and integrations.

Contactless technology and transactions. The catalyzed adoption of touchless tech was a byproduct of the pandemic I hope to see stick around. QR codes appeared to be on the verge of extinction in 2019 and yet here we are still pulling our phones out in a dark restaurant to get the link to our menu. Is there a larger sustainability opportunity to not have to print and reprint? Beyond the payment, how will brands use this to their advantage?

 The continued rise of sports betting. While sports betting isn’t new, I believe we’ll see a new wave of innovation in sports betting tech. Companies are spending record amounts of advertising dollars while states continue to fight to unlock the potential earnings legally. The betting ecosystem is more than just the teams, leagues, and media companies. Compliance, education, and user experience will play a huge factor in how widespread sports betting will impact the fans. While this won’t impact every business, the process and challenges will be something to pay attention to and learn from.

2) How can entrepreneurs protect their brand in 2022?

Plan the time to refresh your customer experience and brand messaging often and don’t wait until it’s too late. We’ve seen brands tarnish their reputations by simply not taking the time to read the room and suffering the consequences publically. Remember, the customer journey often begins before you have an email to send an apology to. A company I’ll be watching for inspiration on fresh brand messaging and thoughtful marketing strategies is Loop, a new take on car insurance. 

3) How can entrepreneurs grow their brands in 2022?

Unique partnership strategies aren’t just for veteran brands or companies with big influencer marketing budgets. Challenge yourself to explore unlikely alignments with companies that may share in your vision or a cause you’re passion about.

4) What other advice do you have for business leaders for next year?

Remember to be personal in a virtual world. We’ll no doubt see a shift in how we engage with one another professionally and socially in 2022 and beyond. A lack of diversity, a toxic work environment, or inauthenticity will have its repercussions, even in the metaverse.

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