How Reputation Management Services Differ From PR Agencies

Some public relations agencies offer reputation management as a subset of their services. The difference between public relations agencies with reputation management companies is that reputation management firms focus entirely on reputation management, thus allowing such firms to develop core competencies in the subject. They have the operational and technical expertise to execute from all channels, be it search, social, media or experiential. They would also have developed and cemented strong, relevant media relations that helps advance the clients’ narrative whereas a public relations agency may have more generic skills.

Related to their skills is their methodology. Public relations firm are essentially forward-facing, working towards encouraging positive media coverage for new products, launches and so on. Reputation strategists can work backwards, starting with a Client’s existing brand audit, identifying narrative gaps and filling those gaps online, offline and experientially.

Another difference between public relations and reputation managers is that reputation managers work in stealth. While public relations firms often appear side-by-side with their client, reputation strategists work in the background, away from the public’s eye, so that the spotlight never leaves the subject.

For those reasons, you may want to consider a reputation strategist for your own unique campaign.

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