How digital intelligence can avoid costly business mistakes

Few days ago, I had an interesting conversation with a senior executive about the current market landscape, the transition to digitalisation, and believe it or not — data intelligence.

He remarked that while brands are already pivoting to take their business online, most of their decisions are still based on semi-accurate assumptions or “gut feeling.” Not surprisingly, these decisions didn’t often produce the best results or translate into substantial business outcomes.

Timing and precision are essential to making better informed decisions, and creating a bigger impact in your strategic marketing efforts.

Explore these thoughts on how digital intelligence can complement your business survival strategy (and save you a lot of grief).

#1: Know your customers today

You’re probably aware that consumer preferences in Malaysia are evolving every day since the beginning of the Movement Control Order (MCO). From demand spikes in gelatine powder and home fitness equipment to online searches for “recipe” and “fresh delivery”, the Covid-19 pandemic and resulting MCO are transforming the way we live and work. What are your customers looking for? Are they keeping you on top of their minds for after the MCO is over?

Knowing what your customers are experiencing, their biggest pain points and where they’re most active online would sharpen your marketing strategy, so don’t go spending on Facebook Ads just yet.

#2: Track your digital brand health in real-time

How is your brand perceived by your customers? Have there been complaints or negative reviews that missed your radar? With real-time insights into your brand health, you’re able to further validating your assumptions before making a business decision.

Audience segmentation and influencer analysis will identify the highest potential markets and groups to target. Insights will include the best time periods for engagement, stats about share, sentiment, reach, and impact. Tracking these insights means you can judge brand visibility and perception before and after your campaigns, so you can evaluate their effectiveness and adjust for future campaigns.

#3: Toughen up against your competitors

The online marketplace is filled with your competitors jostling for the attention of Malaysian consumers. Are you able to identify markets and groups with the highest potential to get into? How aggressive are your competitors on the advertising front? These are questions that access to digital intelligence will help answer, giving you the competitive advantage during these challenging times.

Power up your digital marketing strategy during MCO and beyond

The stakes are high: Change is happening constantly; you either adapt or risk your business survival.

The good news? Digital intelligence will not cost you — with Engage SEA as your partner. Gain access to your actionable insights that would complement and finetune your digital marketing strategy.

Curious to learn more? Let’s talk digital intelligence and discuss the finer points of your strategy over a virtual coffee or two. Hit me up via a comment here or drop me a message on LinkedIn.

Previously published by Suchithra Krishnan on LinkedIn Pulse.

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