Hitting The Bullseye in Digital Communications

Forrester recently revealed to Marketing Interactive that B2B companies in Asia Pacific risk losing 19 percent of revenue when content marketing does not attract their core audience. Theoretically, a US$10 billion company can risk losing US$1.9 billion of revenue as a result of their content marketing messages, format choices, and spend missing the mark. 

Are your messages gaining traction from your core audience – or missing the mark?

Aim for accuracy

Stakes are high in the digital age. 

The success or failure of your content messaging can make or break your brand’s reputation. With the increased availability of tech tools to gather accurate data in real time, you now have the opportunity to craft your narrative for higher impact.

Know your target

Did you know 33 percent global tech buying decision-makers are Millennials – and 73 percent of Millennials have a say in purchasing decisions for their companies?

Reggie Lau, director of content marketing consulting for Forrester in Asia Pacific, adds that the key to creating relatable content starts with understanding the brand’s target audience

Identify the specific emotions you want customers to associate with your brand, and follow that through in your marketing communications and all other touchpoints.

What are your employees, customers, and stakeholders looking to achieve? The answers to these questions lie in your data analytics, a critical component in your digital communication strategy.

How well do you understand your target audience? 

Read the full article on Marketing Interactive.

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